BodyCap, eHealth partner

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BodyCap, eHealth partner


The DNA is based on the vision of Fabrice Verjus, PhD in Electronics and Sébastien Moussay, PhD in Sport Sciences. In 2011, they realized that the great technological advances in wireless communication and sensors were not completely exploited for the monitoring of the human health condition. They thus decided to create their own products in order to enhance physiological monitoring.

Who are we?

Based in Caen, a team of passionate people is dedicated to the development, industrialization and sales of miniature wireless electronic sensors and monitoring solutions.

The medical device certifications ISO 13485 is under renewal, BodyCap is able to design products that meet current standards and regulations.  Skills of our development team are: miniaturisation of electronic devices, RF communication, embedded software and algorithms development, optimisation of energy management.

Our mission

Specializing in wearable connected devices, its innovative high-tech products are used in medical, research, and Sport & ergonomics areas. Our goal is to propose cost effective solution for a reliable and accurate health monitoring.

In this way, its scientific board is made up of professors of medicine and pharmacology. BodyCap works also in partnership with global technological companies (Lien vers la page), research laboratories and engineering schools.


Thanks to the experience of one of his creator, doctor in life Science, specialised in sport performances enhancement, BodyCap has developed a range of medical connected objects for patient to prevent risks and to monitor key physiological parameters. Fields of application are research, hospital medicine, eHealth, therapeutic education but also high performance sport and monitoring of people in extreme situation.