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BodyCap develops innovative solutions triggering new usages, and proposes this offer to key players of health and medical fields.


To enhance patient management and to facilitate their return to home while preserving his wellness


To allow a continuous and cost effective access to physiological data Sport and ergonomics

sports & ergonomics

Risk reduction for elite athletes and support for performances enhancement.

Your eHealth Partner

BodyCap develops, industrialises and markets miniature wireless electronic sensors and monitoring solutions.

Specializing in wearable connected devices for physiological data monitoring, its innovative high-tech products are used in medical, research, and Sport & ergonomics areas.

The medical device certifications ISO13485 is under renewal, BodyCap is able to design products that meet current standards and regulations.  Skills of our development team are: miniaturisation of electronic devices, communication, embedded software and algorithms development, optimisation of energy management.

In addition Company has proved its ability to drive industrialisation of medical devices in partnership with European industries.

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